Stanislav Tereba

Photographer, Czech Republic visit website

Stanislav Tereba Stanislav Tereba in 1983, © Jiri Kolis

1959, World Press Photo of the Year singles, World Press Photo of the Year

1959, 1st prize singles, Sports

Czech photojournalist Stanislav Tereba (Prague, 1938) started his photographic career in 1956 as a photographer and technician for Start, a company which produced sports equipment. In 1960, he became a staff photographer and eventually Head of the Photo Department at the Prague evening newspaper Vecerní Praha, where he stayed until 1991. For Vecerní Praha, he photographed all different aspects of life in Prague, sports photography being his main interest. Because of the political situation in Czechoslovakia at that time, Tereba could only cover sports events in Eastern Europe. Once a year, he was allowed to travel to Western Europe and the United States to cover international sports events. Between 1992 and 1997, Tereba was a staff photographer for several Czech newspapers and magazines such as Sport Plus, Dobrý Vecerník and Pražské Noviny. In 1997, he became a freelance photographer for various periodicals in Prague. Tereba retired in 2004.