Judging Process

Digital Storytelling Contest Judging Process

The first stage is a screening panel in each category, in which panelists have two weeks to complete the pre-selection online. The screening panel is followed by a jury stage. The jury will judge the remaining productions in several rounds. In the final round three nominees in each category will be chosen.

For the 2019 Digital Storytelling Contest the jury will be brought together in Amsterdam from 13-15 February 2019.

In each stage and round, the following criteria are considered:

Long and Short categories

  • Editing - skilful, discerning or imaginative editing
  • Design - skilful audio-visual design
  • Impact - strength of storytelling

Interactive category

  • Editing
  • Design
  • Impact
  • Interactive, immersive and/or innovative functionality
  • Structure and navigation 

Interactive, immersive and/or innovative functionality - level of synergy of technical form and content to create engaging digital storytelling for the audience

Structure and navigation - comprehensive organization of content, prioritization of information and manner in which users navigate through the story

The screening panel views the entries to the Short and Long categories for an equal minimum amount of viewing time. Entries to the Interactive category are viewed for an equal maximum amount of viewing time. In the jury stage, remaining entries are viewed in their entirety.