Screening panel

Digital Storytelling Contest screening panel 

2020 Screening Panel

The screening panel is the first step in selecting the winners for the Digital Storytelling Contest. Members of the screening panel see the complete set of entries to their category. After the screening panel have scored all entries, around 20 productions advance to be judged by the jury.

For the 2020 Digital Storytelling Contest, the members of the screening panel in each category are:



  • Fábio Erdos, Brazil, filmmaker and photographer
  • Puiyee Leong, Singapore, program manager of Objectifs Centre for Photography and Film
  • Ai Mabuchi, Japan, program coordinator for Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival (YIDFF)


  • Nadir Bouhmouch, Morocco, filmmaker and photographer
  • Madi Ju, China, co-founder and executive producer of Yi Shi Yi Se (Beijing)
  • Henrik Kastenskov, Denmark, photojournalist and multimedia producer at Bombay Flying Club