How to enter

The deadline to register for the 2020 Photo Contest has now passed. 

Winning images are used for the production of our book and exhibition. Pictures must meet the following specifications:

  • Upload images with the original pixel size (unless cropped). Do not scale and do not change the resolution.
  • ICC profile must be embedded. AdobeRGB, sRGB or grayscale Gamma 2.2 are recommended. No CMYK.
  • Must be uploaded in JPEG format with high quality compression. We will use winning images for high quality reproduction.
  • Guidance on how to write captions and avoid manipulation is available here:
  • Participants must provide file(s) as recorded by the camera for all images that proceed to the final stages of the contest. These file(s) will be requested and studied confidentially between 26 January - 4 February 2019. Failure to provide these files when requested will lead to the elimination of the entry.
  • If manipulation is detected in an entry, the photographer(s) will be contacted in the period mentioned above to offer an explanation that will be forwarded to the jury. Once contacted, photographer(s) will have 24 hours to respond.
  • In the same period, participants can be contacted and asked to verify their captions and metadata with the fact-checking team.