We are pleased to introduce the 16 professionals from all around the world who will join Lekgetho Makola, chair of the 2020 Photo Contest jury, to select the winners of the 2020 Photo Contest and award the best photojournalism of 2019.

The judging process for the 2020 Photo Contest, taking place in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, from 20 January to 8 February 2020, involves four specialized juries and a general jury. It takes place in several rounds over a three-week period.

Four independent specialist juries first shortlists entries in eight categories. Each jury has a chair responsible for maintaining the integrity of the process, ensuring the deliberations are conducted in accordance with the highest standards, and that all jury members are fully involved in the judging process. Each jury is assisted by a secretary.

News and Documentary jury

There's an element of culture that comes into thinking about an image (...). When you're in the jury, it's important to think broader. You need to think beyond your familiar space.” – Lekgetho Makola, head of Market Photo Workshop and 2020 News and Documentary jury chair.

Portraits jury

What I'm looking for is an image that really stops me in my thoughts, makes me think, something that makes me question what I'm looking at, and something that connects me to a story.” - Lucy Conticello, 2020 Portraits jury chair.

Nature and Environment jury

  • Chair: Sabine Meyer, USA/France, Director of photography, National Audubon Society
  • Ian Teh, United Kingdom/Malaysia, photographer for Panos Pictures
  • Lars Lindemann, Germany, director of Photography, GEO magazine

I want to be moved, I want to stop in my tracks, and I want to be surprised. I look for integrity: a picture needs to be compelling and not to the detriment of effects.” - Sabine Meyer, 2020 Nature and Environment jury chair.

Sports jury

I think [sports photography] needs some emotions. The photographer needs to be aware of the surroundings, it’s not always just the action that makes the best picture.” – Chris McGrath, 2020 Sports jury chair.

An independent general jury consisting of the chairs of the specialist juries, plus three new members, become part of the general jury, who then selects the winners.

General jury

  • Lekgetho Makola, South Africa, head of Market Photo Workshop
  • Lucy Conticello, Italy/USA/United Kingdom, director of Photography, M magazine, Le Monde
  • Sabine Meyer, USA/France, director of Photography, the National Audubon Society
  • Chris McGrath, Australia, photographer for Getty Images
  • Mariana Bazo, Peru, photojournalist
  • Pete Muller, USA, photographer and multimedia producer
  • Tanvi Mishra, India, photo editor, curator, and creative director, The Caravan

In the context of World Press Photo, the main component of the perfect photo is the subject that can translate beyond a geographic region, the subject that's global, that touches all human kind of experiences across the globe” - Lekgetho Makola, South Africa, head of Market Photo Workshop and 2020 Photo Contest Jury chair.


  • David Griffin, USA, founder and creative director of D Griffin Studio
  • Kaat Celis, Belgium, managing director of Sluitertijd and director of AntwerpPhoto
  • Loup Langton (secretary trainee), USA, photographer and editor 

Image credit: Frank van Beek, Hollandse Hoogte