See the story

An Introduction to Photojournalism

For school classes planning a visit to our exhibition, World Press Photo offers a package of learning tools called See the Story. The package provides resources for teachers introducing the subject of journalism and press photography to their students. It is ideally suited to be used in combination with a visit to a World Press Photo exhibition and offers students the opportunity to explore various aspects of visual communication.

The package deals with a number of questions related to the function of the press and the profession of a press photographer and photojournalist. If photojournalism aims to inform us about newsworthy events, then what is the definition of news? Why do we hear more about certain events, but less about others? And how are press photographs made? Who determines which photos are published? And what is the importance of press freedom?

See the Story aims to provide a basis for discussion about (photos in) the news and looking at press photographs with a critical eye. This teaching package can be used for various school subjects such as social studies, history and expressive subjects. The package consists of two PDF files: a teacher's manual and ‘My Album', the individual work document for the student.

The English, Dutch and french versions for the 2018 Exhibition are now available.

If you would like a higher print quality version of the student work sheets, please email

See the Story: Teacher's Guide
See the Story: My Album

Zie het Verhaal: Docentenhandleiding
Zie het Verhaal: Mijn album

See the Story: Teacher's Guide
See the Story: My Album