These days, when the world, the press and photography itself are undergoing seismic changes, one thing remains constant: People deserve to see their world and express themselves freely.

Freedom of speech is more important than ever, and quality visual journalism is essential for the accurate and independent reporting that makes that freedom possible.

Under the "Witness" masthead, we are making our core values clear and committing ourselves to speaking out. We will strive to help both visual journalists and their audience understand and deal with the changing world, press and photography.

  • We want to be a witness to the world.
  • We want to be a witness to the essential nature of freedom of expression and speech.
  • We want to witness the changing media economy.
  • We want to witness the power of visuals on a global audience.
  • We want to witness the creativity and passion of visual journalists and storytellers.
  • We want to witness new talent, and the many challenges they face.

"Witness" is our new publication, now online at Medium.