Alan Stoga

president Zemi Communications, USA

Alan Stoga is senior adviser (focusing on Latin America) at Kissinger Associates, the international consulting firm chaired by Dr Henry Kissinger. He is also president and founder of Zemi Communications, a New York-based firm that provides communication counsel and services, as well as digital media solutions. Zemi’s digital media practice evolved from FLYP, an award-winning online digital magazine, published by Stoga between 2007 and 2009, which provided a new kind of online, multimedia storytelling experience. He is also a cofounder of Taley, a company which is developing an innovative digital storytelling and transaction platform. 

Stoga holds a BA in economics from Michigan State University, and received a MA in international relations from Yale University in 1975. After graduating, he worked as an economist for the Office of International Monetary Affairs in the US Department of the Treasury, and later for the First National Bank of Chicago. Stoga is a frequent lecturer and writer on international and American politics and economics, vice chairman of the boards of the Americas Society and the Council of the Americas, and serves on the boards of the Tinker Foundation, the Aperture Foundation and the Tällberg Foundation.

Alan Stoga

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