Ali Garboussi

photographer, Tunisia

Ali Garboussi (Tunisia, 1983) studied journalism at Sirte University in Libya. In 2011, he returned to his hometown of Gafsa, Tunisia, to act as spokesman for the students at the start of the Arab Spring. The fall of President Ben Ali sparked his desire to become a photojournalist. While he followed the rebels in northwestern Libya and witnessed the fall of Tripoli, the demonstrations in Cairo, and the elections in Tunisia and Egypt, Garboussi gained experience through his contact with other photographers. After he joined Wostok Press in Paris, his work was published in Le Monde, Le Figaro, and Jeune Afrique. He also writes analytical articles for a number of Arab newspapers and is documenting the impact of the Arab Spring on Gafsa. Garboussi currently works for the Saudi newspaper Al-Sharq. As a photographer, he aspires to producing in-depth essays presenting a personal and intimate vision of the society in which he lives.

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Ali Garboussi

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