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Support our mission

We believe in the power of showing and seeing visual storytelling that is accurate, diverse, and trustworthy.

In these difficult times, freedom of expression and freedom of the press are more vital than ever. As an independent nonprofit organization, we generate our own income to fund our programs. We are kindly supported by individuals who also believe in the importance of photojournalism and visual storytelling, and we invite you to join our mission to connect the world to the stories that matter.

"People look at World Press Photo for guidance and direction of where photojournalism is heading. For so many years, World Press Photo has kept such high and ethical standards their priority. This is important especially today, as fake news is thriving and journalism is being challenged."

Maye-E Wong, photojournalist, The Associated Press, 2003 - present

If you have any questions on becoming a corporate sponsor, leaving us a gift in your will or supporting our work in another way, please contact:

Lennart Bak, Development Coordinator

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Image credits: Anush Babajanyan, VII Photo/National Geographic Society