Daniele Tamagni

photographer, Italy

Daniele Tamagni is an Italian photographer, now based in Milan. His background is in art history, but he recently turned to dedicate himself completely to photography. Over the past few years he has begun to document African communities worldwide, from Africa itself to Peckham in London, undertaking specific projects focusing on culture, religion, music, fashion and art. He was a photographer for the exhibition-project Peckham Rising, in 2007, organized by cross-cultural curator Paul Goodwin at Tate Britain. His most recent major project, about Sapeurs, won the prize for best portfolio in the Young Photographers Canon Award 2007 and second prize at Premio Ponchielli 2009. He is also the winner of the International Center for Photography 2010 Infinity Award in fashion applied arts photography. In 2009, Trolley Books published a collection of his work about the Sapeurs in Gentlemen of Bacongo. Tamagni's photos have been published in The Guardian Weekend, The Daily Telegraph, The Sunday Times, Frankfurt Allgemeine Zeitung, El Pais, La Repubblica Velvet and many others. His work appears regularly in the Italian magazine, Africa. In June 2010, Tamagni went to Bolivia to document the people and the village of Kami, a project which became the book Kami, la missione dell'energia. His latest project on ‘the flying cholitas' in La Paz, is part of a wider project about Bolivian women under the government of Evo Morales.

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Daniele Tamagni

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