Eduardo Castaldo

photographer, Italy

Eduardo Castaldo (35) was born and raised in Naples, Italy, and began working as a photojournalist in 2006. He has always worked freelance. Castaldo’s first feature work was about the garbage crisis in Italy, and when the issue became world news in April 2007, he started working with several leading magazines. Until 2008, he worked mostly in south Italy, covering events and news largely related to the mafia and criminality. His reportage about the Camorra in Naples was published worldwide. At the end of 2008, Castaldo moved to live in Jerusalem, and covered the IDF’s ‘Operation Cast Lead’ on Gaza—from the Israeli Border and from inside the Gaza Strip. In January 2011, he reached Cairo a few hours before the beginning of the Egyptian revolution, and was in Tahrir Square until Mubarak’s resignation. His coverage of the event was published in Time, and worldwide. In May 2011, Castaldo temporarily left the Middle East to work on different projects in Italy. He was on-set photographer for a movie by director Matteo Garrone (winner Grand prix Festival de Cannes 2009), and at the same time covered, under assignment, several news and style events in Italy. In 2012, he moved back to the Middle East, where he’s currently working on projects about political and social issues in Israel, Palestine and Egypt. Castaldo is currently based between Jerusalem, Cairo, and Italy.

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Eduardo Castaldo

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