Claudine Boeglin

multimedia director Thomson Reuters Foundation,France

Claudine Boeglin © Claudine Boeglin

Claudine Boeglin is a creative director in digital and print media, working with international brands and teams.

Boeglin has experience in print and online media with a background in visual language and a creative network. She conceives and develops creative media concepts. Her focus on independent journalism and what Colors coined as 'anthro-pop-journalism' has brought about collaborations with humanists, visionaries and iconoclasts.

Boeglin debuted as a photo producer for French Elle. In 1995, she became managing editor of Colors and followed the magazine to Italy, a year later. In 1999, she joined the launch team of, where she defined its visual language, managed the editorial team and conceived the first multimedia prototypes. In 2002, she moved to Kabul to design and develop a magazine for Afghan children with NGO Aina, a non-profit for 'independent media' founded by photojournalist Reza Deghati. In 2003, for non-profit EMDH, she co-edited the book Afghan Children Bear Witness, a collection of 37 interviews of children, telling of their life under Taliban rule. In 2004, she joined Magnum Photos in New York, as the creative director.

She is the co-founder of Magnum In Motion, Magnum's multimedia digital studio. The website currently counts more than 120 web documentaries available for syndication, for HD screenings in museums and festivals, and for DVD collectors. In 2008, she directed the multimedia campaign Access To Life, commissioned to Magnum by The Global Fund. In 2009, seizing free from office work, she aims to expand opportunities to develop new media projects in a lab spirit under her own label: Dandy Vagabonds LLC. In 2011, Boeglin joined the Thomson Reuters Foundation ( as the multimedia director. She now lives in London.


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