Reinhard Dirscherl

photographer, Germany

Born in 1964, German photographer Reinhard Dirscherl has been an integral part of the international photography world as a nature, travel and underwater photographer. In 1989, he began his career as a photographer in Thailand while making his first underwater photos on the reefs around the Similan Island with a borrowed camera. The first results were a disaster from today's perspective, but he quickly became determined to improve. Not long after he returned to Germany, he acquired his first underwater camera. He then began spending his time in lakes across Germany and Austria, always with the camera at his side. Dirscherl has regularly won prizes for his work, which has opened the door to numerous international magazines, advertising agencies and photo agencies. In order to keep his ‘photographic back' free, Dirscherl sells his digital work through the photo agency Waterframe, founded by his wife Daniela Dirscherl, and their partner agents. This enables him to concentrate fully on his photography and affords him the luxury now and then to test a different visual language or edit a photographic theme that is not currently accepted by the media, but maybe will be in the near future.


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Reinhard Dirscherl

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