Renata Ferri

photo editor Io Donna - Corriere della Sera and Amica - RCS MediaGroup, Italy

Renata Ferri, journalist, is the chief picture editor of Io Donna, the women's weekly magazine of Il Corriere della Sera and, from January 2012, she is also the picture editor of Amica, the monthly magazine of RCS MediaGroup. She was formerly the art director of the Atri in Motion annual projections, held during the ReportageAtriFestival. Ferri has been a member of the jury in many photographic awards, including the China International Press Photo Contest, and has edited several photographic books. She oversees several authors' photographic projects on a regular basis, as well as many personal and collective exhibitions. Ferri joined Contrasto as editor-in-chief in 1991, coordinating about 40 photographers. For 14 years, she oversaw all the Contrasto photographers' projects, from conception to editing, then through to distribution to national and international clients. From 1999 onwards, she also directed the formation of the Contrasto's digital database. In 2006, Ferri organized Altri Mondi, an extensive exhibition focused on photojournalism over the last three decades, through the work of Italian authors. In 2008, she joined the Reflexions Masterclass project, curated by Giorgia Fiorio and Gabriel Bauret. She organizes masters and photographic workshops, including a series with the leading international photographers and curators for FNAC Italy. She was the photo editor relator in 'Stati Generali della fotografia', which took place at Forma, Milan in March 2011, a photography conference with publishers, collectors and critics. She is a member of GRIN, an association of Italian photo editors. Ferri is currently based in Milan.

Renata Ferri

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