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Zackary Canepari


Zackary Canepari (b.1979, USA) is an independent photographer and filmmaker.

Zack’s career began in India/Pakistan in 2007, working as a photojournalist for a handful of editorial clients and non-profits and becoming a member of Panos Pictures in London. In 2010, Zack teamed with filmmaker Drea Cooper and launched “California is a place”, a documentary film series about California which screened at a number of international festivals including Sundance and IDFA.

Together their first feature documentary “T-Rex”, about Olympic boxer Claressa "T-Rex" Shields, premiered at SXSW in March 2015 and was featured on PBS in 2016. Canepari’s his first monograph, titled Rex, was published by Contrasto Book in late 2016. He continues to work on ongoing projects in Flint, Michigan.



"I wasn’t trying to tell a sports story per se. It was really a good foundation to experience something human and so the fact that she was on this journey, wherever that journey led - success, failure... riches, celebrity - that was way beyond outside the thing that we’re making"

Zackary Canepari talks about his 2017 Digital Story Telling Contest winning short, Claressa (Short Form, first prize).

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