ANBI status

The World Press Photo Foundation is a registered charity that works to develop and promote quality visual journalism because people deserve to see their world and express themselves freely. The appreciation for the work of visual journalists and the free exchange of information and press freedom is under pressure. It is important that we have access to reliable stories of quality that make us stand still, feel, think and let us take action.

The foundation’s mission is to connect the world to the stories that matter.  By showing the stories, showing how they come about and having a debate about their meaning, we work towards a fairer world with a free press and freedom of expression.

The World Press Photo Foundation conforms to the VFI’s Adviesregeling Beloning Directeuren van Goede Doelen (Advice Scheme Remuneration Charity Directors), as well as the Code Wijffels (Good Governance for Charities Code).

The World Press Photo Foundation has its headquarters in Amsterdam, with an Executive Board comprised of the executive director who leads a team of 28 staff.

The World Press Photo Foundation has one executive director, and Joumana El Zein Khoury, holds this position. The salary of the managing director is determined by the Supervisory Board and is in accordance with standards set by the government and relevant bodies.

These standards come from the CBF Accreditation (the Central Bureau on Fundraising), the WNT Norm (which regulates the remuneration of senior managers funded by public and semi-public sources) and the Goede Doelen Nederland (Branch Association for Charities in the Netherlands). The standards take into account the importance of the position and the complexity and size of the organisation. The World Press Photo Foundation’s remuneration is well below the relevant maximum standard of the remuneration scheme as determined by the Branch Association.

Staff remuneration is based on the salary structure of the World Press Photo Foundation. All functions within the foundation are described and classified in a salary scale, which includes a minimum and maximum level. The salary scale is determined annually and is based on a comparison with the collective agreement (CAO) of the museum sector.

A Supervisory Board oversees proper governance of the organization and its programs. Prince Constantijn of The Netherlands is the patron of the World Press Photo Foundation.

RSIN number: 003596308