Visual literacy

See the Story is a free learning resource that gives you the story on how you come to see the photographs displayed in our exhibitions

This free educational publication provides visitors to our exhibition and website with information on photography and its history, on our visual world and the role of the World Press Photo Foundation in the visual world. We detail how we get to see visual stories, how these are made, and how they raise questions about important issues.

Photographs and digital stories can be interpreted in many ways, and every picture and story we display can lead to different understandings. Through individual stories from our exhibition, we explore important questions for visual storytelling, such as: What determines the meaning of a picture? How can we discern fact from fiction in an age of misinformation? How can a personal story give us insights into the world? Why is press freedom important?

See the Story is an interactive PDF that is free for you to download.

Images credits:
Anonymous, for The New York Times
Yael Martinez, Magnum Photos