Academy partnership programs


We believe that improving the quality of local media influences the development of a society.

The Academy partnership programs strengthen organizations working to improve the quality of media in specific countries to contribute to freedom of speech and access to information.

Through the support of local organizations, World Press photo aims to enhance the education and training of (photo)journalists, enabling them to share stories with the world and providing them with a network through which they may further their career.

World Press Photo is concentrating its efforts in Mexico, the Philippines, and Bangladesh. We have currently partnered with the following organizations in these countries: Asian Center for Journalism (Philippines), Pedro Meyer Foundation (Mexico), Article 19 (Mexico), Pathshala South Asian Media Academy (Bangladesh), and Drik (Bangladesh).

World Press Photo is working together with Free Press Unlimited, Mensen met een Missie, European Partnership for Democracy, and European Journalism Centre, who together strengthen organizations working to reduce poverty by improving the quality of media, the participation of civil society, and the accountability of democratic institutions in 11 countries.

Asian Center for Journalism (Philippines)

The Konrad Adenauer Asian Center for Journalism (ACFJ) at the Ateneo de Manila University educates journalists in Asia primarily through online training. The partnership between World Press Photo and ACFJ will help to develop the diploma course in photo and multimedia journalism, expand the faculty's structure, and develop a visual journalism network in the Mindanao region.

Pedro Meyer Foundation (Mexico)

The Pedro Meyer Foundation contributes to the reflection, interpretation, and research regarding the photographic image within the framework of the new technologies. The partnership between World Press Photo and the Pedro Meyer Foundation aims to improve production and distribution skills of visual journalists in Mexico and the wider region, offering an online diploma course.


Article 19 (Mexico)

Article 19 works worldwide to combat censorship by promoting freedom of expression and access to information. The partnership between World Press Photo and Article 19 in Mexico aims to strengthen the knowledge and skills of visual journalists with regard to security issues, specifically without compromising their safety and avoiding self-censorship.


Pathshala South Asian Media Academy (Bangladesh)

Pathshala South Asian Media Academy is an institute that offers media training to journalists and is based in Dhaka. The partnership between World Press Photo and Pathshala aims to gain official educational accreditation for the academy and also managing the growth of the organization.

Drik (Bangladesh)

Drik is an organization based in Dhaka, which aims to challenge social inequality and bring positive change through multimedia communication. The partnership between World Press Photo and Drik focuses on improving Drik's organizational structure and also developing a Rural Visual Journalism Network.