World Press Photo's core objective of promoting photojournalism worldwide and stimulating creativity among practitioners finds strong expression in its varied publications.

In recent years, the organization has considerably expanded its activities in this field and has ambitions to grow even further. World Press Photo has built up a list that puts it in the forefront of publishers of photojournalism.

Publications may be divided into those that arise out of specific activities and those that perform an informative or educative role. Aware of the difficult market for photography books, the organization has a mission to make commercially available unique work that might otherwise struggle to find a publisher.


World Press Photo's most well-known publication is the yearbook associated with the annual contest and exhibition. It is the organization's chief means of making the results of the contest known, of building a link between photographers and public. Published in six languages, the World Press Photo yearbook contains an overview of the prize-winning pictures of a particular year's contest and also serves as the exhibition catalogue. Part of the function of the yearbook is to provide a photojournalistic record of the concerns, attitudes and events of the year in question. Cumulatively, the yearbooks make an intriguing visual history of the past 45 years.

iPad app

In 2011, we launched the first edition of our iPad application, featuring the winners from the 2011 Photo Contest. The app aims to reach new audiences and further the expansion of and investment in online activities. In addition to featuring all prize-winning images, photographer biographies, technical information, and interviews with the winners, the 2012 iPad app also includes the winners from the multimedia contest and personalization features.

Taking notice

Part of the role of World Press Photo publications is to bring the work of young photographers—and of photojournalists from countries not always at the center of international focus—into the public eye. The organization brings out a number of themed publications, including the annual collection of photo stories submitted for the Joop Swart Masterclass and one-off publications reporting on activities of seminars, presenting photographers' individual ways of working or interpretation of a particular topic. These publications provided a platform for work that might otherwise escape wider awareness.

Projects and topicality

Books are also brought out in line with specific projects, such as Things As They Are, a retrospective view of photojournalism over the past half-century, published to mark World Press Photo's 50th anniversary in 2005. Although the educative role of such books is not a primary aim in their publication, they are often used in an educational context.

World Press Photo also brings out publications that keep readers up to date with the organization's activities and offer comment on current issues in photojournalism, such as the biannual Review, Enter online magazine, and the World Press Photo website.

World Press Photo publishes books in collaboration with its long-term partner Schilt Publishing.