'Editing for Narrative Impact' Workshop


The workshop 'Editing for Narrative Impact' took place during Photolux Festival in Lucca, Italy, 28-29 November 2015.

Participants of the workshop strengthened their editing skills, specifically selecting and sequencing images in a story. The two-day course covered photo story editing for different types of publications, including submissions for grants and awards.

The 12 participants were selected by World Press Photo from a submission pool after a call for applications:

  • Alessandro Falco, Italy
    “It was interesting that we got to think about the process by ourselves and with our fellow participants... This edit will be a new starting point for the next project.”
  • Alexandra Dinca, Romania
    “I got to see the editing process of commissioned work, personal work, long- and short-term stories. My edit came out better than it would ever have come out if I would have done it by myself.”
  • Anna Filipova, Bulgaria
    “You have to learn to let go and be open for other things. I came with an idea and was surprised with what came out of it.”
  • Daniela Damonte, Italy
    "I loved that we all worked together. I could learn from all the other edits."
  • David Cabrera, Spain
    "I went from 5,000 images to 60 before the workshop, and now eight. I could find a personal angle even though it was commissioned work. I'm super happy about what I learned here. The key thing I learned: there is not only one edit, there can be 10 different edits coming out of a story."
  • Frédéric Mery Poplimont, France
  • GaZ BLANCO (aka Giuseppe Bianco), Italy
    "Starting from an idea, questioning that idea together, and then realizing that there are many different ways of telling that idea in order to edit a long-term reportage for many different targets, has been a very interesting process for my work."
  • Marta Berens, Poland
    “In the workshop, I got a wider spectrum of photography and that helped me look at my photographs in a different way.”
  • Michal Siarek, Poland
  • Philipp Reiss, Germany
    "I learned to let go of explaining with a chronological edit and realized I need to put much more work into my story in order to make the story I want to tell."
  • Vinciane Jacquet, France
    "This workshop really helped me to find the priorities in my pictures and my story and to see what my story is missing. I have a middle, but not a beginning and an end."
  • Yann Renoult, France
    "I had a lot of problems of choosing my pictures among a huge quantity. Through this workshop I got exactly what I was looking for; I wanted to learn how to tell a story, a narrative.”

The workshop was led by Magdalena Herrera, director of photography of Geo, France, and Rebecca Simons, World Press Photo senior producer and project manager for education.

Rebecca Simons reflected on the importance of diversity at the workshop:
"The participants selected for the workshop had different backgrounds in photography, some photojournalistic and others documentary, art, or commercial. Through their diversity, we could point to different ways of storytelling through editing. Madgalena and I also had a diverse background. She could share her approach on editing for magazines, and I focused on editing for portfolio and contest submissions."

Magdalena Herrera explained why she teaches and why the skill of editing is important to learn for photographers:
"I've been teaching workshops with World Press Photo for about 15 years. I think it's very important when you're a professional to keep your eye on young people, from all over the world. I can bring my knowledge, but they can also share their knowledge—their view of the region—and I can follow these young photographers for years. Lots of them became photographers I'm working with."

"This was a two-day workshop that covered a very crucial skill for the career of a photographer. It's absolutely necessary to be able to take some distance and present the story you are working on in a short view. It's also a step to go beyond, to be able to ask for grants or for help in order to go on with your project."

If you're interested in hosting or co-hosting a workshop with us, please send an email to Eefje Ludwig, manager education, at education@worldpressphoto.org.

This workshop was a collaboration between World Press Photo, Photolux Festival, and Canon Italy.