'Visual Storytelling' Photography Workshop


Rawiya Collective and the World Press Photo Foundation invited professional Palestinian photojournalists and documentary photographers to participate in a Visual Storytelling Photography Workshop in Gaza from 23-27 May 2016.

The workshop focused on developing participants' ability to create a visual narrative depicting life in Gaza, and empowering them as young professionals striving to succeed in a competitive job market.

The 12 participants—8 men and 4 women—were selected by World Press Photo from a submission pool after a call for applications:

  • Abdulla Al-Ghoul
  • Asmaa Khaldi
  • Ezz Al Zanoon
  • Hosam Salem
    "My participation in this workshop was valuable and useful as it came right at the time when I was in complete disorientation of the stories that I was working on and what was required of me. I learned how to be the narrator of the story and how to edit the work for an assignment."
  • Jehad Saftawi
    "After we finished the last day of the workshop, that big change happened in my vision of seeing things. I started to simplify the frame of the picture not like how I used to take it. Also I had discovered a new vision of picking the right photos from the collections I took. It just was a very interesting learning interactive environment, which was building up by two friendly teachers that I would love to take more workshops from in the future."
  • Lara Abu Ramadan
    "Participating in Rawiya and World Press Photo workshop added a lot to my experience. Since day one, I started to look different in taking photos... In day two I had more ideas of photo stories from Gaza, also my imagination and vision toward the details around the frame. I'm happy to see how everyone around me is benefiting and learning things that they didn't understand."
  • Mohammed Zanoun
  • Rania El-Helo
  • Samar Abu Elouf
    "I have a new knowledge/experience in composing the frame, and the way I want to express my story. Now, I know what I'm taking photos of, why I photograph my story and why I choose certain angles in the picture. I've also learned how to market myself in the right way, to contact editors of magazines, newspapers and agencies. I'm a different person after this workshop."
  • Sameh Nidal Rahmeh
  • Tamer Hamam
    "This workshop gave me a big morale boost that will keep me going for many years to come. This is the kind of support we needed, amid the current situation in Gaza and the obstacles and difficulties we have to face as freelance photographers."
  • Momen Faiz

The workshop was led by Tamara Abdul Hadi and Laura Boushnak, two of the four photographers comprising Rawiya Collective. 

Tamara Abdul Hadi reflected on the quality of the participants:
"We were very lucky with this group of photographers, they wanted to learn, and came in with open minds and hearts- and through their projects, showed us their Gaza. The collaborative dynamic of the workshop was inspiring and the experience just confirmed my belief that this kind of workshop is pertinent in helping hone the skills of young photographers in the region."

Laura Boushnak also shared her impression of the workshop:
"We had a wonderful group of talented photographers who were all eager to learn and improve their photography skills. The way they carefully listened to our comments and tips added such positive vibes to the overall atmosphere of the workshop. It was such a pleasant experience where everybody helped each other and shared their different skills. The improvement we saw in their work during such a short period of time is just another proof that this kind of workshop is needed."

If you're interested in hosting or co-hosting a workshop with us, please send an email to Laurens Korteweg, manager exhibitions & education, at education@worldpressphoto.org.

About Rawiya Collective
Rawiya is a collective of photographers from the Middle East presenting an insider’s view of a region in flux balancing its contradictions while reflecting on social and political issues and stereotypes. Rawiya, meaning ‘she who tells a story’ brings together the photographic styles of Myriam Abdel Aziz, Tamara Abdul Hadi, Laura Boushnak, Tanya Habjouqa and Tasneem Alsultan.

This project was made possible with the generous support of The Arab Fund for Arts and Culture.