Amira Al-Sharif

6x6 Asia Talent: Amira Al-Sharif, Yemen

“Pushing cultural and societal boundaries, Amira Al-Sharif is a female visual storyteller that has been developing her voice in Yemen. Among others, making her way in a strongly male-dominated environment, her stories are gender empowering, and relate to individuals and communities.” - Helena Velez Olabarria, Spain, visual researcher, curator, project manager, lecturer and 6x6 nominator

Amira Al-Sharif was born in Saudi Arabia and raised in Yemen. She has received project grants from AFAC, Magnum Foundation, and Prince Claus Foundation. As an educator, she is committed to educating Yemeni photographers, and runs workshops in documentary photography and photojournalism.

Ambassadors of Yemen

‘Ambassadors of Yemen’ collects the stories of eight diverse Yemeni young leaders who are bringing about change for the better in Yemen. It explores how these leaders deal with the profound changes in their country, how they achieve good within their communities and the challenges that they face. The project is about capturing life, rather than war. The project illustrates a wide range of personalities and behaviors, and focuses on the different political viewpoints, agendas and ideologies of the ambassadors.

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