Andrés Cardona Cruz

6x6 South America Talent: Andrés Cardona Cruz, Colombia

I have never seen a narrative of the Colombian conflict so intimately rooted in personal experience, and yet so universally understandable as to transcend the anguish of his own family.” - Stephen Ferry, photographer and 6x6 nominator, USA.

Born in Colombia in the middle of the armed conflict, Andrés Cardona Cruz’s work tries to help build and rebuild the historical memory of the inhabitants and conflict survivors in Latin America. This includes documenting illegal groups in the Amazon rainforest and the life of refugees and people displaced from the conflict. His work has been published in several national and international media.

Wreck Family

'Wreck Family' is a personal interpretation of the effects of the armed conflict in Andrés Cardona Cruz’s family and a search attempt of his disappeared mother:

“Approximately 20 of my family members have been murdered during the Colombian conflict. My parents had progressive ideas, they wanted a change and access to their rights, and they were killed for it. Since I was a child, I had many nightmares but I never talked about them, until a couple of years ago I started asking the members of my family about theirs. We concluded that some of us had dreams of violence (deaths, floods, murder, violence). Then I asked about their feelings left after the war (sadness, loneliness, poverty, forgetfulness, pain). I took the family photo file, the dreams and feelings of my family and those who live in the middle of the conflict, and I began to sketch with them some images that can portray what the war left in us.”

The Myth of the Pink Dolphin and the Ticuna Woman

'The Myth of the Pink Dolphin and the Ticuna Woman' explores the connection of the native woman with a species in danger of extinction. The indigenous Ticunas of the Amazon believe that the pink dolphin is a charming man who goes to the traditional festivities to get drunk and enchant the women. When they are enamored by a strange man, they are taken to the river and turned into dolphins. The Ticunas are approximately 7100 people. They see the natural world as a whole, and for them, men and women are part of the plants, the trees, the animals of the mountain and the animals of the water.

Andrés Cardona Cruz also received a nomination from Federico Rios and Santiago Escobar-Jaramillo.

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