Luján Agusti

6x6 South America Talent: Luján Agusti, Argentina

“Luján's work is unexpected, visually stunning, and always incorporates sharp, pointed references to the historical contexts of the issues she's investigating with her work. The combination makes for thought-provoking images that blur the lines of documentary and fine art, reality and memory, past and present.” – Daniella Zalcman, USA, photographer and 6x6 nominator

Born in Argentina, Luján Agusti is a visual storyteller based in Mexico. In 2017 she was awarded the Women Photograph + ONA Grant, the Emerging Artist Scholarship Recipient of Lucie Foundation, and the CUARTOSCURO Foundry Scholarship.

Payasos Danzantes (Dancing Clowns)

With the arrival of the Spaniards, a process of evangelization began throughout America involving different maneuvers from the colonizers to gain the empathy of the indigenous. Among the most effective techniques, apart from tremendous acts of violence and genocides, was the creation of rituals and festivities that included a mixture of European and pre-Hispanic elements. The town of Coatepec, in Veracruz, Mexico was no exception to this process as the clown appeared - a mixture of the typical European character with elements representative of America. After colonization, these celebrations were tucked in the heart of the Mexican traditions. Since then, there are gangs of clowns that dance during the town's religious festivities. This series aims to formally analyze the constitutive elements of this tradition, and to understand ‘Syncretism’. Syncretism is the process that attempts to overcome a situation of cultural crisis produced by the collision of two different religions.

See Luján Agusti's 'Diablos de Cuajinicuilapa' on Witness, World Press Photo's online magazine.

Salva tu Alma (Save Your Soul)

“In 2015 I traveled to Mexico to develop a project about religions and beliefs in Mexico. My aim was to make a documentary register of the Mexican Syncretism. In the middle of the process, a woman affirmed speaking with my mother, who passed away 10 years ago, describing her exactly as she was to me–agnostic and unbelieving, hesitated. Something changed after that meeting. The issue I had decided to investigate invaded me, making me question my own beliefs. The project turned into a visual notebook in which I transcribe my confusion, images that connect from one element to another.” - Luján Agusti

Luján Agusti received nominations from Raphaela Rosella, Shehab Uddin, Daniella Zalcman and Erika Larsen. Find out about the 6x6 nomination process and our growing community of global nominators.

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