Prin Rodriguez

6x6 South America Talent: Prin Rodriguez, Peru

Rodriguez’s work takes us to a different and innovative form of storytelling. She gives us a sense of how differently photography can convey emotions.” - Showkat Nanda, photographer and 6x6 nominator, India.

Based in Lima, Peru, Prin Rodriguez is a photographer and co-founder of the Pariacaca Collective. Her interest in photography is linked to the representation of identity and family legacy. Rodriguez is part of the VII Mentor Program, and was also a finalist of V Salón de Fotografía of Peru.

Sons of Pariacaca

“Pariacaca is one of Peru’s oldest divinities, and his figure and stories are significant in the Andean imaginary. The stories and myths about him are my starting point to think about his legacy, and his dynasty that spread through several territories in Peru, and the possibility of working through the power of myth. The sons of Pariacaca are the young people of contemporary Peru, who live in cities that are no longer related to the idyllic and intangible nature of the past. This series is a work in progress based on the metaphor of being the son of a deity, looking for a new way of representing complex and dynamic identities in my country. I want to approach migration from another angle, and empower people who seek to reconnect with their roots in a context in which racism and discrimination still exist.”


“Alicia is the name of my mother, grandmother and sister. For several years I have photographed my mother to address questions about my family history through her image. At the same time, I’ve explored the letters, cuts and traces of her personal history and my family that she has saved. Still in process, I am rediscovering images that have traveled a long way, from the hands of my great grandmother to my hands. It is also a reflection on the importance of the feminine legacy and the preservation of my family memory following the path of migration.”

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