Fabiola Ferrero

I Can’t Hear The Birds

I Can’t Hear The Birds is an emotional journey through the grief caused by migration, from the point of view of the person who stays behind and watches all change. The project tries to find answers to how the political turmoil in Venezuela is impacting people’s lives in the country: What is happening? How is it affecting people’s souls?

Fabiola’s friend Vilena Figueira's empty house. She left the country in 2017 and is currently based in Cali, Colombia.

Fabiola’s parents hugging during vacations in Mérida, Venezuela.

A mirror reflecting nothing inside Fabiola’s grandmother’s empty home. After her mother left the country, there was no one to look after the house.

An old image of Fabiola and her brothers covered in the sand of the beach where she spent most of her childhood in Machurucuto, Venezuela.

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