Sofia Lopez Manan

Nature by Humans

Nature by Humans confronts us with the notion that nature, as we know it, is a cultural construction. In her photos, she portrays embalmed animals stacked in a basement, digitally man made landscapes, objects used to measure and classify humans, dead rivers, objects used for wildlife trafficking, to explore how we, as humans, look at and define nature.

Natalia is one of the eighty felines from the Lujan Zoo in Argentina. The zoo’s director believes that wild animals can become domesticated if they are imprinted since birth. Natalia walks through his house with absolute freedom.

A pit with thousands of dead geese was found by the National Wildlife Agency in Bahía Blanca, Argentina. The Ruddy-headed goose was considered a former plague and due to excessive hunting and the alteration of its habitat is now in danger of extinction. 

Lunch boxes covered with pantyhose are used for reptile trafficking in airplanes. 

Seized head of embalmed zebra in the basement deposit of the National Wildlife Agency in Argentina.

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