Adrien Bitibaly

Quatre Yeux (Four Eyes)

"Adrien created an engaging project with a strong link to his personal history. His portraits and landscapes show how traditions and beliefs can impact the daily lives of all members of a community.”

Adrien Bitibaly is a self-taught documentary photographer. He uses photography as a way of expressing his relationship to the world through emotions, sensations and the need to document social transformations.

In Quatre Yeux (Four Eyes), Adrien Bitibaly explores the realities that can trigger witchcraft accusations, a traditional social practice that can result in the social exclusion of those accused. Growing up in Burkina Faso, Adrien Bitibaly was able to observe the importance of traditional religions in Burkinabé society from an early age. Among the manifestations of these beliefs, accusations of witchcraft have always caught the attention of the photographer. The project looks at the role of traditional priests in this social practice and raises the questions: Who are these individuals and what capacities do they have to determine who has evil powers? Can they be wrong?

About the West Africa Visual Journalism Fellowship

The West Africa Visual Journalism Fellowship supported three emerging photographers to produce a visual storytelling project of their choice in West Africa. The stories were produced during 2019 and 2020, after a short pause because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The three fellows received a production fee of €5000 and a grant of €5000 to help cover their expenses while they were producing their story. Additionally, the fellows took part in workshops and received mentorship through the development of their projects. Three mentors supported and advised the fellows along the way: Emilie Regnier, photographer; Nii Obodai, photographer and educator; and Marc Prüst, visual story editor. Learn more