Impact Report 2022

Focusing on the ‘world’ in World Press Photo

I believe this new strategy is not a change in what we aspire to, but a shift in how we get there. We feel we are going in a direction where we were already headed, but with more depth, more vigor, and a firmer commitment. This is not just superficial. These are changes we really believe in.” – Joumana El Zein Khoury, executive director, World Press Photo.

In 2022, World Press Photo launched its regional strategy, with new categories and regional juries. Judging with a more profound knowledge of their own contexts, regional juries could then feed their selections to a global jury.

Applying this strategy is not a one-off act, it’s an ongoing process. It involves being open to learning from mistakes as well as successes. But we’re delighted by the progress we’ve made so far - and we’re happy to share the results with you in this impact report.

Image credit: Amber Bracken, for The New York Times