The State of News Photography 2016

The Lives and Livelihoods of Photojournalists in the Digital Age

The State of News Photography 2016 presents information about the world’s professional photographic community, with a special focus on photojournalists.

Released on 1 November 2016, it is the outcome of a research project conducted by the University of Stirling and the World Press Photo Foundation. The report is authored by Adrian Hadland, Paul Lambert and Camilla Barnett of Stirling University.

The study investigates the identities, working conditions, practices, technology use, and ethics of a large number of photographers across the world. The report is based on an online survey of professional photographers who entered the 2016 World Press Photo Contest. A total of 1,991 photographers from more than 100 countries and territories completed the survey.

Download the report here. This is the second State of News Photography survey; the first was published in 2015.