Esteban Vanegas


Esteban Vanegas is a photojournalist based in Medellín, Colombia, and the chief photo editor in El Colombiano Media Group. 

Esteban Vanegas was the co-director of ‘Sobreexpuestos,’ academic conferences on documentary photography at the World Press Photo Exhibition 2019 in Medellín. He was a tutor at the photo creation camp ‘20 photographers’ in 2015 (Amazonas) and 2018 (Bolivia) with Magdalena Herrera (GEO France). He was a winner of the National Journalism Award in 2013 and the National Award of Sports Journalism in 2017.

Esteban Vanegas on Social Media: 
Instagram: @esteban.vanegas
Twitter: @estebanVL

Esteban Vanegas
Portrait credit: Edwin Bustamante