Gianluca Panella


Gianluca Panella is an independent italian photojournalist focused on social reportage, current affairs, and portraits. He has traveled to the Balkans, Egypt, Haiti, Lebanon, Morocco, Sudan, the United States, Europe, Israel and the Palestinian Territories. His photography has been featured in a variety of Italian and international publications.

Following a background in political science, he began as a self-taught photographer. He studied photojournalism with Leonardo Brogioni in Milan before starting his career with local daily newspapers. In this same period, he met Romano Cagnoni who instilled in him the idea of photojournalism as a deep responsibility. From 2007 to 2011, Panella collaborated with the Massimo Sestini News Pictures agency, producing work for the mainstream Italian press.

Panella ended his collaboration with Sestini’s agency in order to dedicate himself to personal projects, among them “Tanit Project,” a documentary work on the Mediterranean Sea that retraces the routes of ancient Phoenicians. He is now collaborating with the Italian agency Parallelo Zero.

Among his works, “First Day” and “Parkour Strip,” won honorable mentions at the 2013 International Photography Awards, “Gjakmarrje” earned him two honorable mentions at the 2012 International Photo Awards, and “The Concordia Show” was awarded an honorable mention at the 2012 International Photo Awards and the Foto8 Summershow. He was a finalist for the Leica Award 2013 and the Leica Talent 2012. His exhibitions have included “Caliber 3” at the 2013 Festival of Ethical Photography and The “Concordia Show” at the “A World Elsewhere” with the Royal Shakespeare Company.

He is a member of Italy’s National Order of Journalists since 2004.

Gianluca Panella