Jonathan Fontaine


Jonathan Fontaine is a freelance documentary photographer who has traveled extensively for the last ten years across Asia, Africa and South America. His work focuses on the social and humanitarian consequences of globalization, climate change, deforestation and the many ecological crises that affect the lives of communities around the world. He has made it his commitment to raise awareness of the devastating effects of the environment through photography.

His first years in South East Asia began with the Rohingyas communities in Myanmar and Bangladesh where he joined SIPA PRESS and continued to document humanitarian issues in The Philippines, India, Thailand and Cambodia. Since 2016, his projects have focused particularly on the environmental crises in East, North Africa and South America. He is now represented by Hans Lucas agency in France.

His work has been published in numerous French and international media including The Guardian, Le Monde, Le Figaro Magazine, L’Humanité, Mediapart, Jeune Afrique, Terra Mater and others.

He works regularly with local NGOs and international organizations such as Médecins Sans
Frontières in Lebanon.

World Press Photo Involvement:
2023 World Press Photo Contest winner

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Instagram: @jonathanfontaine

Jonathan Fontaine

Portrait credit: Emily Jane Grant