Kazuhiko Matsumura


Kazuhiko Matsumura (b. 1980) is a photojournalist who explores topics related to human life, social security, and care work. He started working for the Japanese newspaper Kyoto Shimbun in 2003. 

With a focus on dementia, Matsumura has published articles on the subject in newspapers and magazines, as well as holding the photography exhibition Heartstrings at KG+SELECT in 2022, which earned the Grand Prix and subsequent display at KYOTOGRAPHIE in 2023.

Matsumura has published two photobooks: Subtle Beauty (Kyoto Shimbun Publishing Center, 2014), about the lives of maiko (geisha apprentices) and geiko in Kyoto, and Guru Guru (self-published, 2016), a personal project capturing the interconnected journey of life through photographs of birth and death within his own family.

World Press Photo Involvement:
2024 World Press Photo Contest winner 
2019 Joop Swart Masterclass nominee

Kazuhiko Matsumura on Social Media:
Instagram: @kazuhiko.matsumura81

Kazuhiko Matsumura

Portrait credit: Kazuhiko Matsumura