Nadia Shira Cohen

United States
Nadia Shira Cohen (1977) is a freelance photojournalist from Boston, United States. 

As a contributor to The New York Times, National Geographic, Harpers and many international publications, she works frequently in Latin America as well as countries such as Haiti, Kazakhstan, Congo, Rwanda, and Kosovo, focusing on human rights, reproductive rights, environmental issues, disaster, revolution, and migration. 

A University of Vermont graduate, Shira Cohen began her career in New York City as a stringer for the Associated Press. She became proficient in the photography business, working as a photography agent at Sipa Press and later as the Director of North America for VII Photo Agency. 

Her work has been exhibited internationally and she is an IWMF Fellow and a Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting grant recipient for her work on gold mining in Romania. Her work has been exhibited in Russia, Brussels, Mexico, Italy, and Peru.

World Press Photo Involvement: 
2023 World Press Photo Contest winner
2019 World Press Photo Contest winner 

Nadia Shira Cohen on Social Media: 
Instagram: @nadiashiracohen
Twitter: @nadiashiracohen
Nadia Shira Cohen