World Press Photo presents retrospective exhibition at Caen Mémorial

World Press Photo of the Year, Charlie Cole, 1990

World Press Photo Foundation and the Caen Mémorial will host a unique exhibition to mark the occasion of Caen Mémorial’s 30th anniversary. For the first time, the World Press Photo of the Year winners from the last 30 years are being presented together in one exhibition.

Each year for over 60 years, the World Press Photo Foundation has organized a prestigious professional photography contest, which rewards the best images by photographers from around the world. The competition awards the work of professionals who use their creativity and talent to represent an event or topic that has marked the journalistic news of the year.

The world and photojournalism have undergone profound changes since the fall of the Berlin Wall. The end of Europe’s geopolitical division transformed world history while the digitization of photojournalism expanded its power. This special exhibition takes us back in time, showcasing 30 iconic images from 30 years of the World Press Photo contest. Visitors are invited to discover photos that recount important news and historical events, the circumstances these images were taken in and, finally, why they were selected.

Viewers can expect archival printed material and video footage full of insights from the contest judges and photographers, including print catalogues, as well as digital learning tools specially created for the exhibition. With exclusive behind-the-scenes information, the exhibition highlights how the images became iconic of the times they represented.

The exhibition will be officially opened Friday 1 June, by Stéphane Grimaldi, CEO Caen Mémorial, Joël Bruneau, mayor of the city of Caen and president of the Caen Mémorial, Lars Boering, managing director World Press Photo Foundation and Magdalena Herrera, director of photography GEO France and chair of the 2018 Photo Contest Jury.

Visitor information:
The Caen Mémorial museum is a unique institution dedicated to the history of conflicts in the 20th Century and particularly World War II.

Entrance to the exhibition is included in the price of museum tickets. Ticket to the exhibition only: 5 € / person. Please see here for more information.

Posted May 28 2018

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