PhotoQ Bookshop at World Press Photo House

Documentary, journalism and art photobooks

PhotoQ Bookshop has reopened at the World Press Photo House in Westergas, Amsterdam and is open Tuesday to Saturday, 12-6pm.

Established in 2013 in Amsterdam, PhotoQ Bookshop specializes in documentary, journalism and art photobooks. 

The shop is run by Edie Peters, who gained his love for photography when he became chief photo editor at the Volkskrant in 1993. Since opening the Bookshop in 2013, Edie has shared his knowledge with enthusiasm, offering an agenda of events, which includes lessons, workshops, interview evenings and book signings. 

Plans for the bookshop as well as the World Press Photo House are underway, and will emerge into a new hub for photography in Amsterdam. More news about this will follow in the coming months.


World Press Photo House
Haarlemmerweg 4, 1014 BE Amsterdam
Open Tuesday to Saturday from 12.00 - 18.00