Nyier Abdou

United States/Egypt

Nyier Abdou is a freelance video journalist, editor, and multimedia producer.

A longtime newspaper reporter, Nyier Abdou was based in Cairo for six years, covering religion, politics and culture in Egypt, including pro-democracy rallies, arrests of opposition leaders and journalists, suicide bombings in Sinai, and Muslim women’s use of the veil, along with regional issues like the Iraq war and the Arab-Israeli conflict. 
In 2005, she moved back to the United States, joining The Star-Ledger newspaper in her home state of New Jersey, where she worked for nine years as a general assignment reporter. Nyier Abdou was among the first reporters in The Star-Ledger newsroom to be trained in video, and she later moved from print to video full time, going on to produce award-winning documentaries and video news features with the paper. 
Abdou's work has earned her six New York Emmy awards, including best documentary and writing for her documentary Being George. She has been a judge for the 2020 Best of Photojournalism Contest for Online Video, Presentation and Innovation. She teaches video storytelling at the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at the City University of New York. 

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Nyier Abdou

Photo Credit: Nadav Neuhaus