Ana Cecilia Gonzales-Vigil

Picture editor-in-chief, Peru visit website

Ana Cecilia Gonzales-Vigil © Marite Uehara

1993, 3rd prize singles, People in the News

Ana Cecilia Gonzales-Vigil is a professional photographer and picture editor.

She was in the position of picture editor-in-chief for El Comercio national newspaper for 10 years (1994 – 2004). Additionally, she set up the digital photo departments of two new newspapers in Lima, Peru (Peru.21 and Trome) and produced and edited various books, encyclopedias and CDs. She was head of the photography department at the Peruvian Institute of Art and Design-IPAD for 2 years. She published 3 photo books and has exhibited in Lima and abroad.

Currently, she serves as picture editor-in-chief for Amauta, the magazine department of the El Comercio Publishing Group in Peru.