Claudine Boeglin

producer and founder Dandy Vagabonds Ltd., France/UK

Claudine Boeglin © Laura Rooney

Claudine Boeglin is a creative director in the visual arts.

Claudine has worked as a visual journalist for the last two decades. She was managing editor of Colors Magazine at and managed the editorial team and conceived the first multimedia prototypes at She served as creative director of Magnum Photos New York, where she co-founded the digital multimedia platform Magnum In Motion. She was multimedia director of Thomson Reuters Foundation and Trust Women Conference. She also taught Interactive Storytelling and Documentary Practice at London South Bank University.

Standing at the frontiers of non-linear visual storytelling paired with ‘live anthro-pop’ research, Claudine is producer and founder at Dandy Vagabonds, an independent creative consultant, collaborating with organisations such as and the London-based start up research agency Revealing Reality. In 2018, she will conduct experiences, rejoining Mark Lubell, director of


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