David Campbell

writer, professor and producer, Australia visit website

David Campbell © Michael Kooren

David Campbell, from Australia, is a writer, professor and producer, who analyses visual storytelling and creates new visual stories. He holds a PhD in international relations, and for more than twenty years has taught visual culture, geography and politics at universities in the US, Australia and the UK. He is the author of six books and more than 60 articles, and has produced visual projects on the Bosnian War, imaging famine, and the visual economy of HIV-AIDS.

Campbell writes about documentary photography and photojournalism, the disruption in the media economy, and its impact on visual journalism, in addition to his long-term commitment to understanding international politics. In 2005, Campbell presented the Sem Presser Lecture on the topic ‘Has Concerned Photography a Future? Photojournalism, Humanitarianism, Responsibility’. As a research consultant to World Press Photo he directed the Multimedia Research Project in 2012-13, and the project exploring ‘The Integrity of the Image’ in 2014. He also produces multimedia and video projects.