Photographer, Algeria

1998, World Press Photo of the Year singles, World Press Photo of the Year

1998, 1st prize singles, People in the News

Hocine Zaourar, known as Hocine, started as an amateur photographer in 1970. Since the beginning of his career, he has been portraying everyday life in Algeria. In Algiers he photographed the Kasbah, the fisherfolk in the port, children in working-class neighborhoods and the homeless, with particular emphasis on people living in harsh conditions. In 1983, he became an assistant teacher of photography at the art academy of Algiers. Hocine joined Reuters as a photojournalist in 1989 and has been with Agence France-Presse since January 1993. He was initially assigned to cover the news in different countries, particularly in Somalia, Rwanda and Zaire. Later, he concentrated entirely on photographing political and social events in his own country.