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2014, 1st prize singles, Contemporary Issues

2000, 1st prize stories, Spot News

2000, 1st prize stories, Spot News

2000, 1st prize stories, Spot News

John Stanmeyer, born in Illinois, is a founder member of the VII photo agency.

Over the last decade, Stanmeyer has worked nearly exclusively with National Geographic, producing more than 12 stories for the magazine. Between 1998 and 2008, John was a contract photographer for Time magazine, during which time he photographed the war in Afghanistan, the fight for independence in East Timor, the fall of Suharto in Indonesia, and other significant world news events. His years with Time resulted in 18 covers of the magazine.

Stanmeyer has been the recipient of numerous honors, including the prestigious Robert Capa award (Overseas Press Club), Magazine Photographer of the Year (POYi), and numerous World Press, Picture of the Year and NPPA awards. In 2008, his National Geographic cover story on global malaria received a National Magazine Award, and in 2012 he was nominated for an Emmy with the VII documentary film series, 'Starved for Attention'.

Stanmeyer lives with his wife, Anastasia Stanmeyer (editor of Berkshire Magazine), and their three children on a farm in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts.




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