Larry Towell

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Larry Towell © Brent Foster

1993, 1st prize stories, Daily Life

1993, 1st prize stories, Daily Life

1993, 1st prize stories, Daily Life

1993, 1st prize stories, Daily Life

Larry Towell has worked for many years as a freelance Magnum photographer in areas of conflict and social unrest. His work has resulted in thirteen books, hundreds of journal publications, and exhibitions around the world. He has documented war and its civilian victims in El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Palestine, Lebanon, Vietnam and Afghanistan, as well as the anti-globalization movements in the streets of North America and the effects of Hurricane Katrina on the Southern U.S. coast. He is currently working on a project that involves the indigenous ‘Idle No More’ movement in Canada.

Larry’s long-term projects have won many international awards, including World Press Photo of The Year, Pictures of the Year International, The Hasselblad Award, and The Alfred Eisenstaedt Award, among others.




In addition to his many years as a freelance Magnum photographer, Larry Towell is also a storyteller, poet, and musician. His “Collected Works” is a multimedia live concert celebrating photography and the art of storytelling by incorporating slides and video with original songs, poetry, and field recordings.

Towell performed his "Collected Works" as the Sem Presser Lecture during the 2013 World Press Photo Awards Days, accompanied by Canadian harmonica virtuoso Mike Stevens. The video is edited to show 14 minutes, but the performance was one and a half hours in length.

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