Malin Fezehai

Photographer, Eritrea/Sweden visit website

Malin Fezehai © Malin Fezehai

2015, 3rd prize singles, Daily Life

Malin Fezehai is a Swedish photographer and filmmaker. After studying photography in her native Sweden, she moved to New York to attend the International Center of Photography. She now specializes in portraiture and reportage photography. Malin’s photographic work in the past has had the common denominator of displacement, and has included subjects such as the slowly sinking islands of Kiribati, the underage workers in Ethiopia, and the war torn lives of women in Sri Lanka.

Her photographs have been published in several major newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Some of her clients include Time magazine, The New York Times, The New Yorker, Fader Magazine, and D2 Magazine, amongst others. Malin also photographed commercial campaigns for brands like Budweiser, Converse and works regularly for Nike. She currently lives in New York City.




2015 prizewinner Malin Fezehai talks about her photo 'Eritrean Wedding'

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