Markus Varesvuo

wildlife photographer, Finland visit website

Markus Varesvuo © Minna Lindroth

2014, 2nd prize singles, Nature

Markus Varesvuo is a Finnish wildlife photographer specialised in birds. He turned his life-long hobby of bird watching and photography into professional wildlife photography in 2005. He has been awarded several wildlife and nature prizes such as the 2011 GDT European Wildlife Photographer Award in the category Birds. Varesvuo has published several books; among which are Birds: Magic Moments, his first international bestseller in 2011, and The Handbook of Bird Photography in 2013, written together with colleagues and friends Bence Máté and Jari Peltomäki.

Varesvuo is the co-founder of the bird photography platform, a website which combines the work of four competing nature photographers and offers editors and picture researchers a library of bird photos. The site has more than 46,000 images of 566 species.

Varesvuo is a Canon Explorer and a member of the team of photographers of the Wild Wonders of Europe initiative. He currently lives and works in Helsinki, Finland.




Finnish wildlife photographer Markus Varesvuo talks about his award-winning work, 'A Flock of Guillemots'.