Giovanni Capriotti


After finishing high school he moved to Amsterdam and London, attracted by the vibrant and creative 90's. Passion for photography has always been part of his life, although at the beginning he could not afford to buy a decent camera and instead was experimenting with polaroids and vintage models, such as the old Yashica that his granny found at the pension where she used to work.

After a few months in the UK, he enrolled in a photography BFA at LCC, which helped him to organize everything he had learned as a self-taught photographer. Newly graduated, the mandatory national service called him back to his native Italy. After one year spent serving his country and two more on the road in Europe, he got a job with a major airline, which drastically increased his chances to travel worldwide. He eventually fell in love with documentary photography and over a decade of voyaging, he was able to produce a body of work covering several topics.

Currently Giovanni, also a graduate of the Loyalist College Photojournalism Program (Dean's List), lives between Toronto and Montreal with his wife and daughter. His independent work explores multiple issues across North America and the world, focusing on unique and intimate stories that often go unnoticed. Giovanni's clients list and publications include: United Nations High Commissioner Refugees (UNHCR), Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, MacLean's Magazine, Canadian Press, Montreal Gazette & Postmedia Network newspapers such as National Post, Ottawa Citizen, Vancouver Sun, Edmonton Journal, The Province and Saskatoon StarPhoenix, former Sun Media/QMI Agency, Manitoulin Expositor, Manitoulin Recorder, Metro Rome and NGOs the likes of Ontario HIV Treatment Network and Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network.

Giovanni Capriotti