Horst Faas

German photographer Horst Faas (1933-2012) joined The Asssociated Press (AP) in 1956, becoming AP's chief photographer for Southeast Asia in 1962. He was based in Saigon, Vietnam, until 1974. His images of the Vietnam War won him several World Press Photo awards and a Pulitzer Prize. Faas is also famed for his work as a picture editor in Vietnam, being instrumental in the publication of Eddie Adams' photo of a saigon street execution (World Press Photo of the Year 1968) and Nick Ut's photo of Kim Phuc running down a road while her village is being bombed (World Press Photo of the Year 1972). In 1976, Faas moved to London to become AP's senior photo editor for Europe. He retired in 2004 and died in 2012.