Jassim Ahmad

United Kingdom

Jassim Ahmad is the global head of multimedia innovation, in the media division of Thomson Reuters. Based in London, he is responsible for developing high-impact visual storytelling, spearheading innovative news experiences, and tracking multimedia markets.

Ahmad’s multimedia work includes Times of Crisis, Bearing Witness, and Surviving the Tsunami—all Emmy-nominated projects, which have also received such accolades as a PoYi Documentary Project of the Year award and Best Multimedia Feature from the Online News Association.

Ahmad joined Reuters in 2000, working initially as head of visual projects, managing Reuters' program of book publishing and exhibition installations. He established a series of editorial projects including The State of the World—published in 10 languages and exhibited in 25 international locations.

Ahmad was the driving force behind The Wider Image app—an initiative to reimagine the way photojournalism can evolve in the rapidly changing media and technology landscape. The app combines Reuters’ visual reporting with information and interactivity, and aims to set standards for multimedia formats and techniques. The Wider Image has received 25 awards for innovation, storytelling, and user experience, including first prizes from the Association of Online Publishers, Best of Photojournalism, and Online Media Awards.

Jassim Ahmad